Let’s understand how to create a detection system in Unity (Dot Product Detection Solution)

Taking that into account, we’ve discussed the process of creating and implementing a simple detection system in Unity over here. So, if you’re new to Unity and are looking to start with something easy yet mentally stimulating at the same time, then here’s your cue! We’ve provided detailed coverage of the detection system in the following segments, as demonstrated in the video.


Video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MB7d3MdVHwU

Full Course: https://academy.eincode.com/courses/the-complete-unity-guide-3d-beginner-to-rpg-game-dev-in-c

Detection System- Understanding The Scope

As discussed in this video, the scope of the detection system is fairly straightforward- Consider two entities, a player and an enemy. Imagine a small, sweeping area around the enemy object in…

An in-depth explanation of Unity Rigidbody. Understand Rigidbody properties in detail.


Unity Course: The Complete Unity Guide 3D- Beginner to RPG Game Dev in C#


A big part of working with the Unity game engine involves gaining familiarity with the Unity Rigidbody and its various properties. Rigidbody in Unity allows your GameObjects to act under the control of physics.

It allows you to interact with the physics of your objects and visualize how Unity is trying to simulate the physics of the real world. Considering the growing interests of Unity users all across the globe, we’ve discussed the working of the Unity Rigidbody in this video.

Discussed below are the properties…

What is the Eincode platform? How can it improve your programming skills? Let’s find out.

Between the years 2018 and 2019, the number of software developers grew from 23 million to 23.9 million.

By the year 2024, this figure is predicted to reach a staggering 28.7 million. In the USA alone, this count stands at an astounding 4.2 million. (Statista).

If there’s one thing that is clear from these numbers, it’s this- no one out there is shy of becoming a programmer or a web developer.

Keep in mind. This is just the number of people who are working in the industry. The number of people who aspire to break into it is much, much…

Next JS is an amazing framework for building SSR apps. There is a lot of resources to learn it. Find out how they differ and discover your favorite one.

If you are a JavaScript or React enthusiast and user, then you would most certainly be familiar with Next.JS. A trendy React framework, Next.JS is the dearest of all web development news portals out there.

A major part of its popularity can be attributed to the assistance it provides in server-side rendering, thereby enhancing the user experience of page load ties.

As a result, parties making use of server-side rendering cannot only churn out websites that are more indexable and crawlable than their competitors but also improve their SEO scores in the process.

Next.JS- The Next Big Thing

These reasons have resulted in Next.JS being…

Every Unity course is different and has a lot to offer. See our list of 5 top Unity resources. Choose your favorite one!

For the uninitiated, Unity is an all-purpose game engine and arguably the most popular one out there. It supports 2D and 3D graphics, scripting through C#, and the drag and drops functionality.

Developed by Unity technologies, it is a cross-platform game engine used to design simulations and video games for consoles, computers, and mobile devices in its early days. As a tool, it not only allows budding gamers with the means to breathe life into their gaming fantasies but also builds a highly sustainable career out of it.

Unity- A Game Engine Like No Other

Unity is a mighty game engine that provides its developers with a…

List of the most popular resources to learn Angular framework

Web development has seen tremendous change in technologies and methods, and here, Angular has been leading the way. Angular stays afloat on top and has been recommended repeatedly. For someone enthusiastic about how websites are developed and how ideas become a reality, it will be essential to have multiple language skills at once. With that thought, it is possible to assume the importance of Angular in the coming days.

With the whole Internet at your fingertip and faster access, it has become too easy to learn almost anything. The same goes for Angular, and it’s no surprise that Angular has…

Understand the differences, pros, and cons of these two amazing frameworks. Decide which one suits the best to your requirements.

The debate regarding the pros and cons of various frameworks and libraries has taken its footing among the developers. The average web developer uses these developmental tools daily to code everything from simple to complex functionalities.

Technologies such as Jekyll, Hugo, Gatsby.JS, and Next.JS are usually used to power sophisticated websites that are looking to improve their speed to secure a better ranking. Since Gatsby.JS and Next.JS are at the forefront of these technologies, the debate surrounding them is more nuanced than the rest.

To participate in this debate and exhaustively understand the comparison, you need to develop a fundamental…

Discover advantages and perks of working as a developer

‘Software engineer and Developer’ is the world’s most in-demand profession

People no longer regard programming and web development as simply any other academic curiosity.

Rather, they’ve now come to view it practically and have subsequently started seeking out career paths and job opportunities in the same.

Honestly, in 2021, there are only but a handful of other fields, besides programming and web development, that pack such promise and demand such attention.

Read on to find out why learning programming and web development have become absolutely indispensable in this digital age!

Prerequisites For Acing Programming and Web Development

For acing programming and web development, there are certain prerequisites that you need to take care of at the outset.

Basic Mathematics

An Introduction to Angular, its pros & cons, and how it differs from other frameworks/libraries.

We have witnessed tremendous changes and major developments in every sector for the last few years, and technology, with its own speed, has been able to overcome hurdles by bringing in new technologies, methods, and perspectives to solve problems. To specifically point on, Web Development has seen the rise of new methods to make stuff easy, fast, and better responsive, and for the same reason, Angular came into existence.

In 2010, Google introduced Angular, and the web development community wholeheartedly welcomed it, and as of the current situation, Angular has been highly used and recommended for web development.


Full Angular/React/Node…

The broad view of the Unity ecosystem. Everybody can learn how to make games.

If you’re reading this, then the chances are that you’ve finally decided to take your passion for video games to the next level.

We belong to a generation that stood exposed to the rich and vibrant world of video games from the early stages of childhood.

Our fascination with video games is truly a long-drawn affair, from giving us company in solitary hours to shaping and influencing our decision-making abilities.

After spending years admiring their make and obsessing over their dynamics, the desire to emulate something similar is as well-founded as it could get. …

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